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Stay tuned for details of IBBME’s Annual Research Conference in 2019!!

With the help of all our excellent speakers, organizers, and volunteers, iARC 2018 was a great success. 


Here are the student presentation winners of iARC 2018:


BME 1010/1011 Graduate Student Seminar Presentation Winners 2017-2018

Sarah House

Rachel Redding

Podium Presentations

Winner: Ryan Koh

Runner-Up: Nathan Soucier


Poster Presentations

Theme: Biomaterials, Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine

Winner: Agnes Soos

Runner-Up: Meghan Wright

Theme: Engineering in a Clinical Setting

Winner: Jirapat Likitlersuang

Runner-Up: Shumit Saha

Theme: Nanotechnology, Molecular Imaging and Systems Biology

Winner: William Cameron

Runner-Up: Adriano Vissa

Theme: Neural, Sensory Systems and Rehabilitation

Winner: Silviu Agotici

Runner-Up: Luka Milosevic


Congratulations to all the student presentation winners! We hope everyone obtained valuable feedback from the judges.

Please revisit this site at a later time for information about next year's iARC, and we look forward to your particpation again.


University of Toronto Institute of Biomaterials & Biomedical Engineering
Annual Research Conference 2018

Biomedical Engineering for Global Health

TUESDAY MAY 29, 2018


2018 iARC Speakers

Dr. James Collins


Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Dr. Yu-Ling Cheng


University of Toronto

Mr. Walter Narajowski

Former Research Director, 

Abbott Laboratories, Partner, LabDx L.L.C.



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May 29, 2018


Isabel Bader Theater, Victoria College

93 Charles St W, Toronto, ON

 Isabel Bader Theatre North Entrance

Isabel Bader Theatre North Entrance